Friday, August 2, 2019

SQL - How to create a computed Column in SQL Server

In this post, we will learn how to create a computed column in SQL and how to define the calculation logic for this computed column.

A computed column is a virtual column that is not physically stored in the table, unless the column is marked PERSISTED. A computed column expression can use data from other columns to calculate a value for the column to which it belongs
Here is an example to calculate the DiscountedAmount for each order

DiscountedAmount = OrderAmount * 25%

Syntax: Create SQL Computed Column on Create Table:

The below SQL script creates a table with Computed Column ‘DiscountedAmount’ and field value will be calculated based on other column

    OrderID int NOT NULL,
    OrderNumber int NOT NULL,
    StatusID int, 
    OrderAmount Decimal(10,2),
    OrderDate date DEFAULT GETDATE(),
    DiscountedAmount AS (OrderAmount * .25),
    PRIMARY KEY (OrderID),   

SQL computed Column

When you fetch records from table, the Computed field DiscountedAmount will have calculated value based on defined expression (OrderAmount * .25) in schema.

----Inserts value in the table

Insert dbo.Orders(OrderID,OrderNumber,StatusID,OrderAmount)
Select 1, 100, 1, 100

Insert dbo.Orders(OrderID,OrderNumber,StatusID,OrderAmount)
Select 2, 101, 1, 300

----Display the rows in the table

Select * from dbo.Orders


SQL computed Column Output

Syntax: Create SQL Computed Column on Alter Table:

The below SQL script creates a Computed Column ‘DiscountedAmount’ on an existing table

ALTER TABLE dbo.Orders ADD DiscountedAmount AS (OrderAmount * .25)

Syntax: Drop SQL Computed Column:

The below SQL script delete a Computed Column ‘DiscountedAmount’ from table

ALTER TABLE dbo.Orders DROP COLUMN DiscountedAmount

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